Methodology is about going from vague idea to a finished, operational system in a controlled way.

Method engineering
We are familiar with many different methodologies, But most important is that we practice 'method-engineering', that is, we select and fine-tune the methodology to be used based on the unique characteristics of the project and the client. Factors like:

  • team-size,
  • in-house or off-shore,
  • customer involvement,
  • replacement or green-field,
  • internal or shrink-wrap

all influence what methodology is most suitable. This makes sure each element delivers value, and people do not have the feeling they are 'pushing paper' because methodology X says they have to write document Y.

Short cycles
That said, we prefer methodologies that involve short cycles, customer involvement and testing, testing and more testing, because they have proven to deliver the most successful systems.

And in the end, it is about creating value.